Third Party Audits for ADA Compliance

ADA regulations impact every website. If you are lucky enough to have developers on your team who are ADA experts, then you are in a great position to proactively fix all of your compliance issues. But if you think you need another set of eyes on your website, that’s where ADA Armor comes in. 


Our Third Party Compliance Audits are designed to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and that your online presence strictly adheres to WCAG 2.1 guidelines. It is our goal to provide our clients with an impartial snapshot of current and potential web accessibility issues. Being ADA compliant is critical to maintaining a positive reputation, improving site visibility in search engines, and avoiding potentially costly lawsuits. 


 H2: What is Included


ADA Armor performs a detailed audit of your site to ensure all current and potential ADA compliance issues are identified. We provide a detailed analysis of necessary improvements to achieve full compliance with Section 508 standards and WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines for web content. 


Our audit involves a multi-step process that scans your site for the following ADA compliance issues: 


  • Website Presentation – Our third party audit identifies issues with descriptive text, nested headings, clear forms, section labels and clean code that does not contain errors, HTML issues, or broken links.
  • Website Appearance – Our scans search for zoom text for the visually impaired, a clear color contrast ratio and a consistent layout.  
  • Content Alternatives – To comply with the WCAG, we ensure your site includes descriptive alt text, transcripts and closed captioning where applicable. 
  • User Control – ADA Armor’s assistive technology scans for unsolicited pop-ups, auto-play videos, unexpected changes or blinking/flashing content. 
  • Website Usability – We manually verify your site is keyboard only operated, includes skip navigation, search functionality, and a sitemap. 


Upon completion of the audit, ADA Armor provides a detailed report of accessibility issues identified, a list of criteria that do not meet guidelines, our recommended changes, and a sample corrective action plan. 


If additional monitoring or follow-up evaluations are desired, we can also provide these services to assure ongoing compliance. 

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