Generated Compliance Statements

Generated Statement for ADA Compliance

With digital trends leaning more and more towards online shopping, banking, education, and healthcare scheduling, the need for ADA accessible websites is growing in importance. It’s becoming so important in fact, that many companies and institutions are finding themselves in accessibility lawsuits for lack of compliance. Not only can this be damaging to a company’s reputation, but it can also be very costly. 

A Generated Compliance Statement is your best defense against ADA lawsuits. This valuable tool helps demonstrate your company’s commitment to accessibility and clearly states your compliance levels and implemented strategies. ADA Armor can help you craft a statement that shows users you take ADA compliance seriously and that you are fully committed to serving every visitor that comes to your website. 

What is Included

Generated Compliance Statements are all a little different based on your specific organization and your online entities. ADA Armor can help ensure your accessibility statement meets all mandatory requirements. 

In general, accessibility statements should contain at least a written statement confirming your company’s commitment to accessibility for people with disabilities, the accessibility standards applied to your site, and contact information in the event that users encounter any complications. 

It should also include: 

  1. Any known limitations or quirks that could cause complications for users
  2. Measures taken by your organization to ensure accessibility 
  3. Technical prerequisites (ex. Supported web browsers)
  4. Environments content has been tested to work
  5. References to applicable national or local laws and/or policies

Being transparent about ADA accessibility is a vital component to your company’s commitment to customers and to its overall reputation. 

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